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Baby Yellow Ginger, and Baby Red Turmeric!!

mel_ginger_northfield.jpg Baby Ginger

We order organic ginger and turmeric seed from Hawaii, and grow it in our hoophouse all summer.  We call it baby ginger because when grown in our unheated hoophouse in Minnesota it doesn't have time to mature and so it does not have the brown skin that mature ginger has and that means there is nothing to peel before you use it!  We grown yellow ginger which is yellow and pink, with green shoots and the whole plant is edible!  The shoots are fibrous but make a wonderful tea if chopped and then steeped in hot water.  You can also use the shoots in kimchee or other fermented products, instead of or in addition to the ginger root.  The shoots are milder than the root but still give the food that ginger flavor that is so good!

Our baby yellow ginger, baby red turmeric, baby mango turmeric, and galangal will be available again at Mill City Farmer's Market  on September 5th and 19th, 2015.  We hope to have enough to sell on the October 3 and 17 markets as well.  We will be selling a limited supply of baby yellow ginger on August 22nd at Mill City Farmers Market.


September 6, 2014 Mill City Farmers Market Here we are at Mill City farmer's Market in "the train shed".  Our friend Bhavana is on the right and was a great salesperson for us in 2014.  The ginger is to her right.
September 6, 2014 Mill City Farmers Market

Our ginger was like a flag sticking out of shopping bags all over the market. smiley



You can use baby ginger just like you use regular fresh ginger, you just don't have to peel it. 

In order to use our ginger year-round we recommend buying a pound or two of our ginger in the summer when it is fresh and then washing it carefully and freezing it.  Then all winter when you need some you can just pull it out of the freezer, cut off a chunk, thaw it a few seconds in the microwave, and chop or slice like you usually would.

  Here is a link to read more about Mango Turmeric!  http://www.akshayapaatram.com/2007/07/and-it-is.html